The Wild Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Vol. 3 (HARDCOVER)




The Distressing Adventure of the Missing Dispatch Box 

The Problem of Lady Gravely                    

The Alarming Adventure of the Audacious Assassin 

The Adventure of the Dubious Brothers Burke

The Problem of the Plutonian Poisoner 

The Problem of the Weedy Wanderer   

The Adventure of the Second Coming   

The Adventure of the Grey Seal    

The Adventure of the Villainous Viceroy

The Adventure of the Reckless Resurrectionist  


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The Victorian Era….

Here are ten more challenging mysteries for Sherlock Holmes to solve. They range from the vexing “Problem of Lady Gravely” to the frightening  “Adventure of the Reckless Resurrectionist.” Here are relentless personal foes and diabolical enemies of England arrayed against one brilliant man.  

Follow Holmes and Watson from the familiar streets of London to the pastoral Sussex coast, and beyond. For retirement brings no rest to the Great Detective, as conflicts arising on this world and from others test his supreme mettle when the cold and calculating Martians of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds return for another try at conquest.

Featuring tales in which Sherlock Holmes encounters such diverse luminaries as Jimmie Dale, the Grey Seal, and H. P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West, Reanimator, including the previously unpublished novelette, “The Adventure of the Second Coming.”

Cover by Joe DeVito.

Frontispiece and back cover by Gary Chaloner

Map by Jason C. Echhardt


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