About the Series

Doc Savage was the most successful pulp adventure hero of his time. From 1933 to 1949, Lester Dent and other writers penned 182 original exploits of the Man of Bronze and his iron-fisted friends, writing as Kenneth Robeson.

Scientist. Surgeon. Strongman. Superman. Doc Savage was a man without equals. He operated on a global stage, fighting supercrime, discovering lost cities, stopping wars, and uplifting a troubled mankind during the depths of the Great Depression.

Now, in these difficult times, Doc returns in a new series of untold exploits conceived by his originator and brought to life by Lester Dent’s natural successor, Will Murray.

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage is no updating or reimagining of a classic character. This is the authentic Man of Bronze in his own era, taking on new challenges and conquering a new generation of foes—and fans.

Doc Savage is back. For real.

About the Releases

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage will be released in e-book, softcover, and deluxe hardcover editions.

8 thoughts on “About the Series

  1. Hello again,
    First of all I must say you really had it in for Monzingo Baldwin / Cadwiller Oldend. Geez.
    Having said that, now that I have just ordered the last 2 books I needed from you. I, of course would like to know
    what the E.T.A. is for your next publication.

    Since it’s been while since we “talked”, I will remind you that we once discussed Doc Savage time travelling to our time or century.
    I have another idea: Doc can come in contact with either an unknown twin, or brother. Someone who grew up elsewhere but would have “dropped out” of the intense training required. If the twin: he could have the same muscular figure as Doc but not as hardened from the intense exercise Doc puts himself through. BUT, he could be an evil twin. Or the brother idea could also be of evil intent.

    Anyway, have you ever heard of a book series called, “Casca”. Casca, the main figure, is the Roman soldier who stabbed Jesus on the cross with a spear to see if He was dead yet. Even though Jesus was dead, Casca sees a spirit image of Christ look down at him from the cross and says, “A soldier you are, and a soldier you shall be, until I come again.” Casca, in nerviousness, wipes his hand across his mouth, not realizing that Christs blood had run down the spear and gotten onto his hand. Once the blood touches his tongue it gives him eternal life (until Christ “comes again”). So Casca goes through many life-times of fighting and dying, only to return to life over and over. It was written by Barry Sadler who was a Green Beret in real life.
    The stories as he goes through his lives are great reading.

    So, I’ll let you go. Thank you for you for your time.
    Jim Solimine

    1. Hi Jim

      Thanks for the order. My next release in The Spider: Fury in Steel, before end of this year.

      I wish I had more Docs to write, but I don’t have a contract to do more. Another Tarzan was likely.

      I never read Casca, but I’ve heard it. Had never read his origin. That’s a cool story. Thanks.


  2. Hello Will,
    I am writing again to inform you that I still Have Not received Order #10709, Doc Savage books: Glare of the Gorgon and Mr. Calamity. Can you please inform me of an expected time to receive them. Also, I Have received two stickers with the signatures of you, Mr. Dent and Mr. DeVito. There is no correspondence with the letter to explain why (unless it’s just a gift from you; in that case, Thank You). I really hope you are able to get the proper permission to continue to write D.S. novels. You are the only one out there capable of doing it.
    Thank you sir,
    Jim Solimine

  3. Will,

    I forgot, what will the cost be for the Hard cover copy of “Master of Mystery” be? I would like a Hard Cover copy so, I can order then SC and paypal the difference later. I can paypal the complete HC cost to you now or? Please remember I would like to have my HC copy signed.


    John Edgeworth

    1. Hi John

      The HC is $39.95 & $5.50 postage. $45.45 total. You can PayPal the cost to me now, if you want. The proof should be in any day now….

      1. Your copy is in the mail!


  4. Will,

    I did get my signed HC copy the day after I emailed you. Also I sent the postage to the address provided, hopefully this will cover it all.

    Thanks for all that you do

    John Edgeworth
    think The Spider and The Shadow, following the international criminal, Yellow Claw, (or..) across the USA, how very cool!

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