The Wild Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Volume Four (HARDCOVER)


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s immortal detective returns for ten puzzling cases ranging from his earliest career to his final bows.

 “The Adventure of the Improbable American“ tells of Sherlock’s first U.S. friend, while “The Adventure of the Christmas Lesson” recounts Holmes’s and Watson’s first Yuletide together. 

 Other cases depict the Great Detective endeavoring to untangle the struggle between mudlarks over a diamond ring of great value, and then unraveling the mystery of a nobleman found seated before his own fireplace––without his head!

The early 20th century finds Dr. Watson reuniting with the orderly who saved his life in Afghanistan, concluding with “The Disquieting Adventure of the Murmuring Dell,” reuniting Holmes with Algernon Blackwood’s enigmatic Dr. John Silence.


Here are ten more intriguing cases for Sherlock Holmes. They range from “The Adventure of the Problematic American” to “The Disquieting Adventure of the Murmuring Dell.” Murder, mystery, and mayhem rule. Unthinkable crimes hold sway.

Follow Holmes and Dr. Watson through London’s busy cobbled byways to the wild woodlands of Yorkshire as they attempt to unravel two baffling cases involving missing rings, struggle to explain how a man could be beheaded without spilled blood, and puzzle over the mystery an army veteran who received an impossible mediumistic message….

Once more, Sherlock Holmes discovers himself competing with Algernon Blackwood’s famed supernatural detective, Dr. John Silence, to solve a mystery that may or may not belong to this world.…



The Adventure of the Improbable American   

The Misadventure of the Ring of Regret   

The Adventure of the Christmas Lesson   

The Improbable Misadventure of the Blackish Bottle  

The Conundrum of the Absent Cranium           

The Adventure of the Doss-House Ramble       

The Second Adventure of the Five Orange Pips  

The Difficult Ordeal of the Paradol Chamber 

The Impossibility of the Premature Postmortem Message   

The Disquieting Adventure of the Murmuring Dell  



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