The Wild Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1 (hardcover)


Hardcover edition.

Ten traditional tales of Victorian London’s greatest consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, as he investigates some of his most baffling mysteries.

Cover by Joe DeVito

Includes a frontispiece map of Victorian England keyed to the story locales drawn by Jason Eckhardt.

With an Introduction and bonus illustrated Afterword exclusive to the hardcover edition.



Hardcover edition.

  • Is a blue-skinned dinosaur tearing up the Essex countryside? “The Wild Adventure of the Indigo Impossibility” provides the astonishing answer.
  • Holmes and Watson plunge into the darkest dens of Limehouse in search of “The Mystery of the Elusive Li Shen.” Is he man, myth, or monster?
  • What is the secret of the uncatchable Thames footpad chronicled in “The Adventure of Old Black Duffel?”
  • A famous American soldier of fortune asks Sherlock Holmes to locate a Russian adventuress long believed dead in “The Adventure of the Nebulous Nihilist.”
  • Did fairies lure a young Manchester boy to his doom? “The Misadventure of the Bonny Boy” tells the chilling tale.
  • A wealthy art collector challenges Sherlock Holmes with an unsolvable riddle. Or is it a riddle? What is “The Enigma of Neptune’s Quandary?”
  • Is a dead man haunting his own office—or might an even stranger explanation exist for why his frightened face is imprinted on a windowpane? “The Adventure of the Glassy Ghost” reveals all.
  • A fiendish murderer strikes down victim after victim in “The Problem of the Bruised Tongues.” The only clue: the discolored tips of their tongues.
  • “The Adventure of the Throne of Gilt.” What could it be, and why should Dr. John Watson fear it so?
  • A revengeful enemy plots a gruesome end for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in “The Unsettling Matter of the Graveyard Ghoul.”


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