The Spider: The Hangman from Hell (SOFTCOVER)


The Spider vs. Operator 5 vs. The Hangman from Hell in a brutal battle to the death for the fate of America! Read the precursor prelude to the acclaimed Purple Invasion series!




 The Spider! A relentless vigilante feared by both sides of the law. James Christopher. The Intelligence Service agent code-named Operator 5. Justice could not have two more capable allies.

 What happens when a dire threat to the United States of America forces them to work together? Can this oil-and-water duo put aside their differences long enough to investigate an enemy plot to crush the nation?

And can either man stand up to the colossal brute known as the Hangman––an accomplished assassin possessing weapons of unimaginable cruelty?

 When this Hangman from Hell arrives in America to kill Operator 5, the Spider swings into furious action to save the young undercover man. But will the Hangman slice him to ribbons––or lynch him for standing in his way? The grim shadow of a gallows noose looms over the city both men have sworn to protect as Christopher declares, “The Hangman must be taken alive!” 

But The Spider disagrees….

 Cover by JoeDevito


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