The Spider: Scourge of the Scorpion (softcover)


Softcover edition.

                                                       STING OF THE SCORPION!

Men called the Scorpion the “Deathless One.” Rumored to be immortal, he controlled the Order of the Purple Eyes, a slave army of purple-eyed criminals who periodically emerged to wreak havoc on mankind during times of social upheaval. His goal: To bring New York City under scorpionic subjugation. 

When a mysterious comatose patient is abducted from his hospital room, a baffling chain of events is triggered, one that brings millionaire criminologist Richard Wentworth into the case—and in conflict with the Scorpion’s old nemesis—The Skull Killer!      

Will the Deathless One succeed in erecting his barbaric City of the Scorpion upon the smoking ruins of modern Manhattan?

 Not if The Spider has any say in the struggle. But how can the Master of Men fight the Purple Eyes Cult when his beloved Nita van Sloan has been turned against him while his chief aides lie stricken with incurable lockjaw––victims of the lethal sting of the Scorpion?




Once before, the Scorpion had attacked Manhattan. And had been defeated by a faceless crimefighter known as The Skull Killer, who left his acid death-sign burning on the brows of felons he had slain.

Now the Scorpion is back, along with his slave army, the Order of the Purple Eyes, with a horrific new scheme to depopulate the city. Manhattan reeled under a vicious pandemic of incurable tetanus—lockjaw!

The Spider takes up his merciless guns in a desperate struggle to crush the so-called Deathless One once and for all. When The Skull Killer emerges from the shadows, the two vigilantes race toward a collision course. Which one will succeed in defeating the arch-arachnid monster?


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