The Wild Adventures of Cthulhu (softcover)


Softcover edition.

Earth Versus Cthulhu….

Our Future….?

The Cryptic Events Evaluation Section of the National Reconnaissance Office is a deeply secret cadre of specialized agents dedicated to the seemingly-impossible task of forestalling the creeping influence of Outside Forces bent on overwhelming mankind and dislodging all natural life from the Earth.

Employing scientific and spiritual technologies ranging from orbiting spy satellites to former Stargate remote viewers, these dedicated public servants hurl themselves against the encroaching threat of the Great Old Ones in a futile attempt to buy time against man’s inevitable extinction….  

As they struggle to win their ground skirmishes, are they also inevitably losing a cosmic war….?



Ten Titanic Terror Tales in the Lovecraft Tradition!

Before recorded history, they were. Cthulhu. Nyarlathotep. Azathoth. Yog-Sothoth. Shub-Niggurath. Nug. Yeb. And Others. The Great Old Ones. Lurking just outside our reality. Powerful. Potent. And exceedingly patient. Awaiting the inevitable hour when the malignant stars are again right, permitting them to infiltrate the Earth, claiming our green world as their dark domain.

 Against these impersonal cosmic forces stand the men and women of the Cryptic Events Evaluation Section of the Department of Defense. Can these dedicated agents hold back the eternal night foretold when the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh rises from the Pacific deep and Great Cthulhu awakens from his brooding slumber? 

Don’t count on it….    


  • Introduction
  • To Clear the Earth 
  • The Eldridge Collection 
  • Rude Awakening                   
  • A Trillion Young  
  • Static                 
  • The Sothis Radiant       
  • Dark Redeemer  
  • What Brings the Void   
  • The Hour of Our Triumph    
  • Black Fire 


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