The Spider: The Hangman from Hell (HARDCOVER)


Once more The Spider encounters James Christopher, Operator 5.

But can either one defeat The Hangman, whose job it is to save the way for an invasion of the U.S.?

Includes bonus Red Finger story.

This novel is a prelude to the famous Purple Invasion series that originally ran in Operator #5 magazine!





 April, 1938 

 When Richard Wentworth discovers a foreign plot to assassinate James Christopher, alias Operator 5, he is rebuffed by the young Intelligence agent and ordered to stay out of official business.

 Vowing to track this enemy killer as The Spider, Wentworth encounters more than he bargained for in the person of a hulking brute who calls himself the Hangman, and who wields unique weapons of unimaginable cruelty. 

 Can these two heroes who fight on opposite sides of the law learn to join forces and stave off a planned invasion of the United States of America? Or will Manhattan succumb to a horrific new weapon of warfare? 

 Includes bonus story: Red Finger in “Gallows of Guilt.” 

 One of the Spider’s sworn enemies has escaped his justice––or has he? Counter-espionage agent Red Finger is hot on his trail. His orders: Bring his man in––dead or alive!

Cover by Joe DeVito

Back cover by Gary Carbon

Includes an illustrated Afterword.





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