Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don (hardcover)


Signed, hardcover edition.

With the African continent engulfed by World War II, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, abandons his role as Lord of the Jungle in order to combat the spreading Nazi menace.

Flying a P40 Tomahawk warplane, Clayton is sent on his first mission: to rescue the missing British Military Intelligence officer code-named Ilex. But the daring task plunges him into his savage past after he’s forced down in a lost land that seems hauntingly familiar.

When Tarzan of the Apes returns to the prehistoric realm called Pal-ul-don, he must revert to his most savage persona, that of Tarzan-jad-guru—Tarzan the Terrible!


Includes a lavishly illustrated Afterword by Will Murray. Signed bookplate mailed separately.

REVIEWS: “This first authorized Tazan novel from the sure hand of pulpmeister Will Murray does a fantastic job of capturing the true spirit of Tarzan, not a grunting monosyllabic cartoonish strongman, but an evolved, brilliant, man of honor equally at home as Lord Greystoke and as the savage Tarzan the Terrible. Murray’s prose is assured, never allowing the reader to be pulled out of their ‘willing suspension of disbelief.’ This is not only a great Tarzan novel, but a great adventure novel filled with strange creatures and heroic exploits. Read it now … –Paul Bishop “Will Murray has once again captured the “voice” of the original author. Once again the character of Tarzan lives and breathes with the vitality that the original creator instilled within their stories. The attention to detail, the conviction to character, and the steady pace of the adventure unfolding have once again transported us to the world that up till now belonged only to Edgar Rice Burroughs. “All I can say is, ‘“Bravo, Mr. Murray!’ I look forward to any additional adventures he wishes to chronicle. You have successfully restored a childhood hero to my reading library and for that I thank you!” —Stephan Friedt “Very enjoyable Tarzan pastiche. If Edgar Rice Burroughs name was on it I would have believed he wrote it.” –Klondike Matisse
 “…Murray has given this character the respect due his century long existence. Old fans of Burroughs creations, will devour this book, and those unfamiliar to Burroughs will certainly enjoy this adventure, and seek out more of what we all have loved for decades! “Murray is THE MAN to continue these “Wild Adventures of Tarzan” and we can hope, he also brings us some new tales from Mars, Venus, Pellucidar, and beyond the farthest Star!” –Blaine Burgin, Jr. “I have been waiting decades for The Burroughs Estate to authorize a new Tarzan Novel. It is my belief that they have selected the perfect author. Will Murray’s continuation of Doc Savage has been a ton of fun. “This new novel brings us back to one of my favorite Lost World Civilizations Pal-ul-don. We meet both old friends and new ones in this delightful romp. “The creation of the Turtle People is great addition to the Burroughs Universe. The same with the majestic elephant Torn Ear.” –Stephen V. Kempton “The story opens with our hero, as John Clayton, having just earned his wings in the R.A.F. That would seem to place it shortly before the events in the last Tarzan novel penned by Burroughs himself, TARZAN AND THE FOREIGN LEGION. Flying Officer Clayton is primed to kick some Axis butts out of the sky, but instead receives a mission more suited to his peculiar talents. A secret agent with information vital to the war effort has been lost in the African jungle, and Clayton is sent to retrieve both.” —Evan Lewis “Two parallel plot-lines run throughout the novel—the search for the missing officer and freeing this particular part of Pal-Ul-Don from the terror of the very creepy “spiderlings.” “These half-human/half-arachnid creatures are Will Murray’s invention, yet they’re definitely fall within the Burroughs tradition of freakish life-forms encountered in Pellucidar, Barsoom and even on Venus. “The struggle with the spiderlings—and the ultimate reveal of their origins—is both fascinating and repulsive. “Tarzan: Return to Pal-Ul-Don is the book hard-coreTarzan aficionados have been waiting for. Will Murray captures not only the voice of Edgar Rice Burroughs but also his pacing and overall structure. “It’s a colorful and action-packed novel which, despite its length, keeps moving forward. The rich detail and scattered references to earlier Tarzan books grounds the novel, making it feel like part of the original canon.”” –Literary Lass “In taking up the mantle of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Will Murray proves again why he is a first class pulp wordsmith. There is a genuine echo of the original Tarzan novels in this, the first modern Tarzan story authorized by the Burroughs Estate. “Far from portraying Tarzan (as some have) as a bumbling savage that can barely say “Me Tarzan. You Jane,” Will Murray paints Tarzan with the brush of the Ape Man’s creator. Tarzan was savage at heart and far more at home in a loincloth in the Jungle, but he also had the Greystoke Estate in England. John Clayton, Lord Greystoke was a member of the House of Lords.” –Raven Raven





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