Mr Calamity & The Valley of Eternity 90th Anniversary Hardcover


90th Anniversary Commemorative cover!


In commemoration of Doc Savage’s 90th Anniversary, we proudly offer a new edition of this double-adventure book, with a spectacular wraparound cover by Joe DeVito showing the Valley of the Vanished, Princess Monja, Doc Savage riding the running board of his roadster, the Helldiver, a group shot of Doc, his men, and Pat Savage––with Doc’s creator Lester Dent, framed in the center of the back cover!

This cover was commissioned by the late Rick Scheckmen. The front scene appeared as the back cover to the first hardcover edition of Mr. Calamity. Until now, the full image has never been printed.

Painted appropriately in bronze and gold tones!

And don’t fret. We’re keeping the original edition of Mr. Calamity in print with its spectacular cover.




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